We design the pretreatment plants keeping in mind the following aspects:

  1. Product
  2. Type of chemical
  3. Make of the chemical
  4. Size of the component
  5. Geometry of the component
  6. Production output
  7. Availability of Fuel
  8. Height available in the shed
  9. Weight of the component
  10. Draining holes provided/available in the component
  11. Water pockets in the component
  12. Buoyancy
  13. Geographical parameters of the installation place.
  14. Environmental aspects
  15. Safety for the hazardous chemicals
  16. Type of Material handling system used to handle the component
  17. Customer requirement.

With the above mentioned aspects and also to make available our pretreatment plants for years, we are also implementing the following special features to our design.

  1. Modular constructions – Incase of spray pretreatment system our plant can be extended / reduced at a later stage and can be dismantled and re-erected any number of times.
  2. Complete construction with heavy gauge steel / stainless steel for the tanks. However for spray pretreatment tunnel, it would be with 1.6 T SS
  3. The spray pretreatment plant shall be supplied in knock down condition and shall be erected at site. This ensures the fitment of pretreatment in the existing plant.
  4. All pumps are of centrifugal back pull out type. Hence easy to maintain.
  5. The pumps are magnetic/mechanical seal type
  6. Sufficient space between two zones and water mist spray provided in-between two stations.
  7. Heating system can be from electrical, hot water boiler, plate heat exchangers; direct gas/oil fired heating system or any other special methods.
  8. Imported burners to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.
  9. Tunnel is placed on the tank and hence no wastage of heat or spillage of chemical.
  10. Entry / exit fume extraction fans.
  11. The last stage would be air washing zone by using imported air knife. This minimizes the threat of water drying and consumes a very little compressed air.
  12. Maintenance access doors to enter in to the tunnel with lighting arrangement
  13. Gratings provided for the easy walk way inside the tunnel.
  14. All headers and risers are of either SS / PVC fitted with quick release couplings for easy maintenance.
  15. Bye pass system from pump to header makes more accurate control of chemical spray with proper adjustment of pressure.
  16. We shall consider more than three to four times capacity of chemical storage tank when compared to the spraying capacity. This ensures in maintaining the constant temperature during spraying