We design the ovens keeping in mind the following aspects:

  1. Product
  2. Type of powder paint / liquid paint being used
  3. Size of the component
  4. Geometry of the component
  5. Production output
  6. Availability of Fuel
  7. Height available in the shed
  8. Thickness of the component
  9. Geographical parameters of the installation place.
  10. Environmental aspects
  11. Type of Material handling system used to handle the component
  12. Customer requirement.

With the above mentioned aspects and also to make available our ovens for years, we are also implementing the following special features to our design.

  1. Modular constructions – which can be extended / reduced at a later stage and can be dismantled and re-erected any number of times.
  2. Complete construction with GI male-female tongue and groove design. Hence no hassles of rusting / replacement.
  3. The oven shall be supplied in knock down condition and shall be erected at site. This ensures the fitment of oven in the existing plant.
  4. Open impeller plug fans with direct shaft, ensure consistent performance for years.
  5. No sagging of rock wool being used in the oven panels since, it would be resin bonded sandwiched with chicken mesh.
  6. Imported burners to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.
  7. German designed SS air heat exchangers for maximum efficiency and on wheels ensures easy maintenance.
  8. No external ducts. Only internal plenum, which reduces the heat loss and improves the aesthetic look.
  9. Special 3D louvers with accurate quantity controls ensure uniform temperature inside the oven.
  10. Explosion door is included as an safety
  11. Incase of liquid paint drying/curing ovens, we shall give solvent concentration extraction ducts with minimum 8-10% bleeding.