We design the liquid paint booths keeping the following aspects in the mind:

  1. Product
  2. Paint consumption
  3. Number of operators inside the booth
  4. Size of the component
  5. Geometry of the component
  6. Type of paint being used
  7. Production output
  8. Type of applicator used
  9. Environmental aspects
  10. Type of Material handling system used to handle the component
  11. Customer requirement.

With the above mentioned aspects and also to make available our booth for years, we are also implementing the following special features to our design:

  1. Modular constructions – which can be extended / reduced at a later stage and can be dismantled and re-erected any number of times.
  2. Complete construction either with GI or SS, depending on the customer need. Hence no hassles of rusting / replacement.
  3. The booth shall be supplied in knock down condition and shall be erected at site. This ensures the fitment of booth in the existing plant.
  4. Online paint sludge removal system ensures neat and clean atmosphere.
  5. All the baffle plates are of sizes not more than 1m x 1m, by which only one operator can easily handle for cleaning
  6. We shall provide 800mm (w) x 1800 mm (h) maintenance door for easy accessibility.
  7. We shall use two blowers, when the booth width is more than 3000 mm