Welcome to Wewin

WEWIN started in 2003 with a vision to make available the complete range of products related to finishing industry starting from blasting facilities to finishing equipments. We have been successfully handling various turnkey projects catering to foundry, automotive, wood, valve, general engineering industries.

WEWIN believes and follows the simple words “customer satisfaction”. The customers are getting the cutting edge technology with innovative products and at a very competitive price from our end. We strive to meet customers’ new requirement every day by having very competitive people with us and with the support of our vendors spreader across the country.

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Our Range of Products
Shot Blasting

Abrasive contains 1% or more by weight of sand the life of blade may be reduced as much as 80%. Internal lining for the blasting enclosure..

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Liquid Spray Booths

The purpose of the booth is to create good working atmosphere for an operator to paint by maintaining min 400-600 air changes per hour…

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Pretreatment Plants

We shall consider more than three to four times capacity of chemical storage tank when compared to the spraying capacity…

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Powder Spray Booths

Powdercoating is one of the least expensive finishing method available today than compare to liquid finishing systems…

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Design of heat exchanger ensures long lasting perfomance and it will not develop any cracks for more than 12-15 years…

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Incorrect setting of control cage will lead for expensive results and wrong fitment of feed spout could lead to drop in abrasive flow…

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